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Privacy and broad policy statement for Wine therapy

Please forgive the presumption and length of the following disclaimer.

Prospective participating Wine therapy patients are required to provide a user name, password, and e-mail address as a precondition to their treatment and as a sign of an intent to benefit themselves and the group by way of their participation.  Readers are welcome to benefit in silence from the therapy in which the active group participates, but registration is required to join in the discussion and thus fully to benefit from the therapeutic work of the forum.  Wine therapy's administrator, moderator, doghead, goat, monkey, and assorted other wallowing, braying, chirping, and grunting staff as well as the principles of the Monkey A group all deny any responsibility for the content posted by participants and for the use of such content by participants or readers of the forum other than themselves.  Remember that all disclosures made in Wine therapy become public information.  Participants should exercise caution when deciding to share personal or privileged information and to critique or to characterize people or groups participating or not participating in Wine therapy.  Participants agree to assume responsibility and liability for any posts they make to this site.  Wine therapy does not advise on the wisdom or content of public posts to the forum and does not act as publisher or editor of participants' posts.  At the same time, posting to the forum constitutes an agreement by patients to allow their posts to be viewed in the forum and to be cited, quoted, and reused in responsible and legal ways.

Any patient, silent or participating, who finds material posted by another patient objectionable is encouraged to contact Wine therapy by e-mail.  All participants authorize the doghead to remove or to modify any material submitted to Wine therapy forums for any reason the doghead feels constitutes a violation of board policies and principles of common sentient decency, whether these policies or principles are stated or implied or not.  By doghead stipulation, patients have the right to patience, to common sentient decency, not to be defamed, to different or no expertise in the subject matter of group discussions, and not to have their names or e-mail addresses sold or shared without their consent.  Registered patients have the further right to post whatever they choose (subject to further qualification below) so long as the subject matter of the post is broadly related to the themes of the forum or its divergence is deemed by the doghead in the doghead's sole and uncontested judgment to be compelling, informative, entertaining, or otherwise more or less okay.  Doghead may but shall under no circumstances be compelled to remove posts other participants or readers may find less than or not okay.

Other than these stated rights, which may be revoked or amended at any time, patients surrender claims to all other imagined rights for the duration of their stay in Wine therapy.

Wine therapy may contain links made by participants to other web sites and files.  The previously mentioned principles of the practice have no control over the content of outside web sites and cannot ensure it will not be offensive, objectionable, nonrevolutionary, staid, lazy, overbroad, poorly articulated, or outright stupid.  The doghead will, however, remove links to inappropriate and irrelevant material - categorized as such solely by the doghead - as the doghead becomes aware of them.

Participants agree not to spam Wine therapy, not to use Wine therapy crassly as a tool for the promotion of a business or for personal nontherapeutic gain, and not otherwise cynically to disrupt the proceedings and convalescence of the group.  Patients shall refrain from attempting to enter damaging codes into the forum's database and shall not link posts to dead-end, circularly scripted web sites and shall not attempt to redirect other patients blindly from this forum from within or outside board posts.  Personal attacks on other patients or therapists are strictly forbidden, though cleverly conducted campaigns of hate may from time to time be tolerated.

By way of amplification - since this subject is not widely enough appreciated in on-line discussion groups - patients should exercise care in making possibly defamatory statements.  Matters of personal opinion, theoretical disagreement, and matters of documentable fact are always - within the limits of common sentient decency - suitable for inclusion in a forum post.  Trademark infringement and unsupportable claims that others have lied or misled the public, claims that laws have been broken, claims of moral turpitude or wrongdoing, and the like - unsupportable claims about matters of fact or character material to the well-being of people or businesses - these types of statements or inclusions in posts are prohibited in Wine therapy and discouraged in general.

On bullshit:  overstatement, hyperbole, misrepresentation, misdirection, bad logic, poor argumentation, dogmatism, unacknowledged ignorance, and self-aggrandizement are all part of the culture of wine discussion and much other discourse besides and cannot be denied.  Patients are encouraged, however, to minimize their reliance on and indulgence of these habits and techniques, for their own benefit and for the benefit of the group.

Wine therapy patients generally themselves comply with all reasonable standards of group-therapeutic practice and common sentient decency and the force of their collective will almost always guides the group toward its goals.  Participants who stray from common sentient decency, who spam, who flame, who habitually seek to undermine the commonweal - these face the iron hoof.  Posts will be removed, access will be blocked, mercy and comfort will be rescinded, and medications may be, in the sole discretion of the doghead, prescribed for remaining and infected patients in good standing.

Wine therapy gives patients two options for changing and modifying information they provide in their profiles:

  1. Patients can sign in with their user names and passwords to change any information in their profiles.
  2. In case of a lost password, patients have access to a "Forgot your password?" link at the top of every page.  Also, patients can send e-mail to  Please, however, consider using a simple password you'll remember - preferably for your sake one you use for other things.  If, password-armed, you still can't face making your own changes to your profile, you can always ask the doghead, politely, to make them for you.

Cookies must be turned on in your browser if you wish to participate fully as a contributor to Wine therapy. Cookies are used here to hold your user name and password and viewing options, allowing you to sign yourself in and to see the board in a convenient way.  Wine therapy has no interest in the personal details of your life, marital status, finances, draft evasion, drug use, criminal record, or any other of your aspects whether seamy or sanctionable except as they pertain to your treatment and well-being in the context of this group.  Among the last things Wine therapy cares about or aspires to is the sale of your personal information or the tracking of your browsing habits.  Frankly, before treatment, these habits are often unsavory.  But Wine therapy is here to help.

Such secrets as you share with the doghead to get approved to enter treatment are protected by doghead-patient confidentiality.  Wine therapy does not guarantee new information-harvesting programs will not skim e-mail addresses from the web site by means not yet known, but does pledge not to abet or silently to suffer such plunderings.

As noted in the FAQ, patients are welcome to use phony names in the forum.  Doghead has no desire to stifle creativity.  Phony-name users will, however, be held to a higher standard of cleverness and/or artistry than patients who use their own names.  All patients who wish to post must supply Wine therapy with an active e-mail address at which they may be reached and all phony names must be cleared with the doghead.  The doghead is a control freak, at bottom, and while the doghead has remarkable tolerance, the doghead needs to be in on subterfuges or dissimulations that may affect the well-being of the group and forum.  Doghead works hard to maintain this forum for free and feels entitled to this courtesy.  In this matter, please humor the doghead.  Wine therapy can and does monitor IP addresses and can and will exclude free-riding phonies.  Wine therapy is a private forum open to the public.  Its administrator may revoke or deny the privilege of participation, with or without cause.

Wine therapy encourages open, honest discussion of a wide range of issues and gladly supports good clean and semiclean fun.

Members of the wine trade wishing to comment on issues of quality or production or to contest opinions or claims made by other participants must identify themselves as members of the trade and disclose any connection to or competition with the products or properties under discussion.  Members of the trade are welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in any aspect of the group's therapy, subject to the general spam and promotion rules noted above and to the disclosure stipulations made in this paragraph.

By pressing the "Agree" button below you affirm you, the patient, are no less than 18 years old.  You accept, further, the above-outlined rules, requests, principles, and procedures.  You also agree not to post any copyrighted material you do not own, except within the legal and normal boundaries of permission and attribution.  You agree further - so far as this is epistemologically and metaphysically possible - not to represent the intellectual work or ideas of others as your own or to use the intellectual work or ideas of others directly without proper attribution.  You agree to direct all your posts to the greater good of the group and to accept that the greater good of the group may not be imagined in the same way by all the group's participants.  Which differences you agree to treat with respect while you are in Wine therapy.  And you reaffirm for emphasis your agreement to desist from hostile or harassing or commercial or damaging or slanderous or otherwise not commonly sentiently decent posting.  Lastly, you agree that if you find you despise Wine therapy and/or its participants, you'll have the sense to find a group or a treatment better suited to addressing whatever issues plague you.  Remaining in therapy solely to torment and to obstruct the group violates common sentient decency.

If you will abide by these guidelines and keep them in mind during your stay in Wine therapy, and you meet the one or two criteria noted, click the "Agree" button below and make today the first day of the rest of your day.  Otherwise click "Cancel".

If you have any questions about this privacy/policy statement or the use of Wine therapy, or about just about anything else tangentially related, you may contact the administrator/doghead at:

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